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Extracts up to three Uniswap positions from zipped. Each position consists of an int24 lower and int24 upper, and will be included in the output array iff lower != upper. The output array is flattened such that lower and upper ticks are next to each other, e.g. one position may be at indices 0 & 1, and another at indices 2 & 3.

The output array's length will be one of {0, 2, 4, 6}. We do not validate that lower < upper, nor do we check whether positions actually hold liquidity. Also note that this function will revert if zipped contains duplicate positions like [-100, 100, -100, 100].

function extract(uint256 zipped) pure returns (int24[] memory positionsOfNonZeroWidth);


zippeduint256Encoded Uniswap positions. Equivalent to the layout of int24[6] storage yourPositions


positionsOfNonZeroWidthint24[]Flattened array of Uniswap positions that may or may not hold liquidity